Powerful Unified Campaign Analytics For Digital Marketers. 

Think powerful marketing analytics dashboards are only for big budget teams? Think again. Arena Calibrate provides a comprehensive tool for marketers to unify, visualize and analyze multi-platform campaign performance.
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Arena Calibrate is the

Go-To Campaign Analytics Tool for Marketers

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One Campaign Performance Dashboard to Rule Them All

One single solution for campaign data integration, warehousing, visualization,
and insights - across all your marketing platforms!
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Integrated & Blended Cross-Platform Campaign Data

Unlike most self-serve dashboards, your campaign data is automatically pulled and blended into analysis-ready data sets. So you'll save time & make better campaign decisions. 
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Automatic Campaign Insights & Data Anomaly Detection

Your time is a premium. Our campaign insights provide reliable takeaways, while anomaly detection reveals issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Level-Up Your Marketing Team's Campaign Reporting

Plus 35 More Integrations Ready To Connect!
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Unify Multi-Platform Campaign Data 

Stop downloading and combining separate platform reports! Arena Calibrate helps marketers save considerable time with tedious reporting analysis, so they can instead focus on more impactful tasks.
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Who Needs A Data Engineer? Not You.

Get powerful unified analytics quickly and easily, without relying on technical staff to custom build a dashboard. You'll have marketing business intelligence when you need it, and wherever you need it. 
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Dynamic Performance Visualizations  

Stop spending time with annoying filters and data customizations. Arena Calibrate's expertly designed dynamic charts and graphs let marketers dive in to key performance areas with only a few clicks.

Arena Calibrate dashboards have given us tremendous insights into ROI of our campaigns. We have real-time, customized data on our entire marketing and sales engine. Also, the team is able to provide data evidence to our business questions. The information we’re gathering is allowing us to make data-driven decisions.

Tim Burgin
Vice President, EnergyLogic LLC

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