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Turn Your Campaign Data Into A Powerful Dashboard  

Arena Calibrate's reliable, powerful, and out-of-the-box Marketing BI dashboard provides you with one source of truth across your entire campaign. Track KPIs, optimize marketing spends, and get insights to make smarter decisions!  

Advanced Business Intelligence 
for Marketers, Made Easy

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Quickly and Securely Connect Your Data Sources

Quickly connect up to 5 platforms completely with Arena Calibrate's fast and secure connection systems
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Access Your Dashboard Within 24 Hours - No Set Up Needed!

Get one source of truth across Paid Ad, SEM, Social Media Ad, Website Traffic, SEO and more. Out-of-the-box templates will help you make smarter decisions across your campaign immediately! 
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Get Premium BI Dashboard Features and Insights Completely Free

Your time is a premium. Our campaign insights provide reliable takeaways, while anomaly detection reveals performance issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Trusted By Small & Medium Size Businesses Worldwide


Connect The Basics, Add More Platforms As Needed

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Plus 100+ More Integrations Ready To Connect!

Arena Calibrate dashboards have given us tremendous insights into ROI of our campaigns. We have real-time, customized data on our entire marketing and sales engine. Also, the team is able to provide data evidence to our business questions. The information we’re gathering is allowing us to make data-driven decisions.

Tim Burgin
Vice President, EnergyLogic LLC
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Unify Your Marketing Campaign Data 

Get time back in your day and make smarter decisions with one reporting platform! Arena Calibrate typically saves 3-5 hours a week on tedious reporting analysis, so you can instead focus on more impactful tasks.
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Quick Integrations +
Ready-To-Go Templates 

Arena Calibrate's self-service connection page lets you connect your platform data in less than 5 minutes, and your dashboard populates within 24 hours. No need to rely on technical staff for set up and onboarding.
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KPI Tracking, Automated Insights, Smart Campaign Templates

Stop spending time with annoying filters and data customizations. Arena Calibrate's expertly designed dynamic charts and graphs lets you dive in to key performance areas and analyze your effort on each stage of the buyers journey.
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Tap into insightful articles in our Blog or visit our FAQs below.


Platform FAQ

Top Questions

Will my data be secure?

Yes. Connections to your data sources and destinations are SSL encrypted by default. Our connectors require only READ permissions. For data sources that by default grant permissions beyond read-only, our connectors (from Fivetran) will never make use of those permissions. Our underlying BI engine is AWS QuickSight, a secure platform with multi-region availability and built-in redundancy. Amazon Quicksight is part of the AWS assurance program and is currently assessed for SOC (1,2,3), PCI, ISMAP, HIPPA, IRAP, MTCS, C5, K-ISMS, OSPAR, HITRUST CSF, FINMA. Additionally, Quicksight is undergoing 3rd party assessments for FedRAMP, DoD CC SRG. The effectiveness of the platform’s security is regularly tested and verified by third-party auditors as part of the AWS compliance programs. To learn about the compliance programs that apply to Amazon QuickSight, see AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program.

Who is Arena Calibrate for?

Arena Calibrate is made to fit the analytics demands of any small-to-medium size business marketer that handles digital campaigns. While we do not offer white-labeling and customized reporting exports (which are agency features), the platform is more so a great fit for in-house Paid Media, Digital Campaign, Pay-Per-Click, Growth, or Demand Generation Marketers that want to have powerful unified cross-platform analytics with no data manipulation/coding needed.

What platform account information / data permissions does Arena Calibrate require?

Once you create an account, you control what platforms you’d like to integrate into your campaign performance analytics dashboard. Simply follow our step-by-step process for each platform, and this will permit the automatic flow of campaign data to be pulled into your Arena Calibrate dashboard. Rest assured, your data is 100% private and secure - We use highly secure connectors from Fivetran to connect and pull data from each platform connected.

Who is Arena Calibrate’s parent company?

Arena Calibrate has been built by Position2, an innovative digital marketing agency that accelerates demand through integrated Content Marketing, Paid Acquisition, and Marketing Technology solutions.
Position2’s demand acceleration solutions map the buyer's journey across multiple touchpoints such as search, social, mobile, media, and email. These integrated campaigns are powered by cutting-edge content creation, digital advertising, web design/development, marketing automation, and analytics. We serve hundreds of clients ranging from VC-funded startups to Fortune 500 multinational firms. Our 200-member team is based in Silicon Valley and Bangalore and consists of marketing gurus, engineers, data scientists, writers, and designers.

Why was Arena Calibrate created by a marketing agency?

As Marketers ourselves, we needed a comprehensive solution to help our clients better view their campaign performance analytics. However, we quickly realized that many of our clients’ previous business intelligence tools were more complicated and tedious to operate by marketers than anticipated. Minor tweaks added up to lots of head-scratching, additional time, and additional support needed. We decided to help other marketers with tools that truly save them time and energy, while also providing the same level of performance intelligence!

Does the Arena Calibrate platform change or alter my campaigns in any way?

No. Arena Calibrate requires read-only access to the platforms, which enables our systems and APIs to automatically pull campaign data into the dashboard, but not alter or edit any live campaign settings, parameters, budgets, and ads. Arena Calibrate services solely as a valuable campaign performance analytics tool, not a campaign management tool.

What platforms are included to connect for free?

We have a list of platforms included in Campaigns Essential in our marketing platforms integrations page. These include Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Google Search Console.

Can I customize my dashboard?

We built Arena Calibrate to be an out-of-the-box solution for marketers everywhere. However we understand that when it comes to data and dashboards, one size cannot fit all. If you would like customizations, we offer paid options to provide you precisely what you need: 1) One-time - Consulting hours of 10 / 25 / 50 hours packages @150/Hr Includes customizations on data sets, calculations and visualizations. 2) On-going - For on-going additions, modifications you can sign-up for the consulting packages on a monthly retainer basis. See above for package details. 3) Author Role - Our default package offers a viewer role which means you can interact with the dashboards and use filters, drill-downs etc but cannot create new charts or modify existing visuals. You can upgrade to the Author role which will give you complete control over the visualizations.