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Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Marketing Data

Connect your Marketing data sources, track all KPIs in one place, and get powerful no-code dashboards to make smarter decisions!
30 Day Free Trial Available

Trusted By Small & Medium Size Businesses Worldwide

Expert Marketing Dashboards,
Ready To Go In A Few Clicks

Quickly and Securely Connect Your Data Sources in

5 Minutes

Quickly connect your platforms with Arena Calibrate's secure and seamless plug & play data connection process.

Website Analytics Dashboard Generated Within 

24 Hours

Your connected data automatically populates into your dashboard. No technical set up required! 

Premium Marketing BI Dashboard Features and Insights 

100% Free

Pro Marketing templates help you make smarter decisions across your campaign immediately! 

Website Analytics Dashboard

Want better visibility on your website SEO performance? or which ad channel is driving more clicks or conversions across your website? Use Arena Calibrate's pro SEO & Website Analytics dashboard to view all performance in one place without messy technical set up. 
Features Included Free:
Google Analytics Reporting Dashboard
Automated Web Traffic Insights & Alerts
KPI Tracking
Dynamic Timeframe & Channel Filtering
Quick Filter Graphs, Charts & Tables

Page Views


Bounce Rate


Conv Rate

Avg Session Duration

Avg Pages Per Session 


Goal Completions

Sessions by Channel

Performance Across Channel

Geo Breakout

By Website

By Channels

By Landing Pages

By Ad Channels

By Geo

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All Dashboard Tech Built-In Automatically For Speed, Scale, And Ease of Use

One Source Of Truth
Saves hours of analysis work, no need to pull and upload data across platforms.
No Coding, No SQL, or BI Engineering Needed
Use our base marketing templates, or let us customize your dashboards to fit your exact needs. We make this look easy.
100s of Connectors + Automated Pipelines
Connect your CRM, Marketing Automation, and Paid Media Platforms - Your campaign performance data is always up to date.
Campaign Performance Alerts
Reliable campaign insights and performance summaries are automatically generated to save analysis time
Automated Data Pipelines
Arena Calibrate maintain platform API connections so your campaign data is refreshed daily.
Advanced Goal & KPI Tracking
Quickly understand how your campaigns are tracking toward your monthly KPI goals.  

Ready For A Smarter Marketing Dashboard?

30 Day Free Trial Available

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