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Arena Calibrate vs. Supermetrics

Both are fundamentally different platforms. We love Supermetrics, but it MAINLY helps you transfer marketing data to the destination that matters to you. You need a subscription and accounts with a destination, e.g., Google Data Studio, BigQuery, Snowflake, etc. 
Whereas with Arena Calibrate - you get all that you need for powerful marketing analytics:
  • Connectors - The ability to integrate 100+ data sources with ONE CLICK. 
  • Data Warehouse - A destination to bring all your data and automated transformations to blend your data from multiple platforms. 
  • BI Engine & Visualization - A powerful ML-based BI engine to perform advanced analytics. 
  • An expert BI team is available for support and custom reports. 
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Expert Marketing Dashboard Templates,
Ready To Go In A Few Clicks

Quickly and Securely Connect Your Data Sources

Quickly connect your platforms with Arena Calibrate's secure and seamless quick-click data connection process. Takes 5 minutes to connect!

Dashboard Generated Within 24 Hours - No Set Up Needed!

Depending on your connected data, your dashboard will be one source of truth for Paid Ad, SEM, Social Media Ad, and Website Traffic performance.

Premium Marketing BI Dashboard Features and Insights 100% Free

Your time is a premium. Expert made out-of-the-box templates help you make smarter decisions across your campaign immediately! Plus campaign insights are provided automatically to save you time! 
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Ready For A Smarter Marketing Dashboard?


I use Arena Calibrate on a daily basis to stay plugged into our performance.

Caroline Weisenhorn
Performance Marketing Manager, Eventgroove

All Dashboard Tech Built-In For Speed, Scale, And Ease of Use

Data Warehousing

ML-Powered Campaign Insights

Data Integration

Data Visualization

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